October 12, 2155

I cannot even estimate how many have died this last week. We were attacked in my last entry, and the power was cut from the city. The Zethorax have taken everything. The compound is gone, the human race is in shambles, and as I speak there is nothing else to fight for. Our existence will be wiped from history, and no one else will remember us. We are no more than just another speck of dust that had to be cleaned.

In case anyone does care, I’m leaving these entries open to anyone that wants to know about the war between the universe and the Zethorax. I probably will not be alive to see the day that the assholes are dead, but I will be damned sure that I kill as many of those bastards as I can before I am another speck of dust.

If there is any sanctuary in the universe left, please hear our voice. We are in dire need of assistance. Andros has been critically wounded, and Ana… I can’t even bare to describe her state. For some reason, I never felt this kind of pain inside me, and now, the survival of every species is at risk. The issue is more real than ever. If there are others still alive, do not hesitate. Kill them all. We will come to aid, but please, anyone who hears this cry for help, assist us!

Murdoch Jones, Col

October 5, 2155

… We held them back the last three days, but there’s more to come in the near future. They know where we are hiding now, and they have the artillery power to wipe us out if they wanted to. It’s a little worrisome to know that the Zethorax gave up so easily. When we lost Earth, it was like a do or die mission for them. Now, we are living in the ruin of what they created. Our travels to Mars did not help us at all, but now we know…


October 2, 2155

We were followed. Our mission to Mars was a mistake. I should have known it was a trap, and the long term effects could be costly. The Zethorax found our sanctuary and now, we’re being invaded once again. The city is burning to ashes, and I have decided it’s time to evacuate to another world.


I have no damn clue. We could be in space for many years before we find another hiding spot. Ana and Andros disagree that we should stay and fight. They think running is not the answer to the problem, but I’m afraid I’ve chosen the wrong people for this group now. They have not faced a Zethorax invasion like I have, and I don’t think they truly know the extent of these creatures torture. I will not face imprisonment again, but of course, democracy has to always prevail.

We decided to fight for this home, which could be the final fight for all of us. Who knows, we could win though. Tonight will only tell what advantages we’ll have in this war with the Zethorax.

To the ones viewing this log, if you have a heart please send reinforcements. This could get ugly…


Murdoch Jones, Col

September 29, 2155

Andros and I went to the local bar, where we had an interesting discussion about the events on Mars. I can’t help but be thankful that I have him on our team. He was raised by the Balconian leaders, and I happened to pick him up from Mars, while escaping Earth. We have butted heads on occasion, and our relationship has grown to be a brotherhood, so to speak. I’ll have to admit he is much stronger than I am, but I have the skill and intellect to keep myself grounded from his attacks. Probably why we work so well together.

Anyways, last night we discussed our current situation. Now that the former elite have been executed, where does that leave the Phantom Force. Well, we are now the holders of the future. The new Elite, but what rules still apply to us now that our former leaders are gone? Do we still abide by the same rules and ideas, or do we reinvent the laws to survive? Either way, no one can tell us yes or no anymore, unless an Elite appears out of the void we call the unknown realm.

Ana joined us last night too and for the first time I felt something. I don’t know if it was because of the aftermath of a massacre that I witnessed on Mars, or if I’m simply feeling soft inside these days. I have told both of them the story of how my wife was murdered by a disguised woman, and how my child was murdered in our truck, while trying to escape from Earth. All of these events led to my willingness to consume as much alcohol as my body could handle so that hopefully when I do decide to take my own life, I will not feel the pain.

Although I do miss both of them dearly, I am starting to find Ana quite attractive. I look at her violet eyes and see the flowers that grew across my wife’s garden. Her blue hair is surprisingly appealing to me. Every time I hear that sweet voice slip between her lips my knees weaken, and I can only surrender to her needs. Is it because the Elite have no control of what I do anymore? Or am I really starting to fall for someone I have fought beside for half a decade? Maybe I am just being naive. Well, it is an interesting thought, but her attention was focused on Andros the remainder of the night.

For once in a decade, jealousy actually started foiling in on me…


Murdoch Jones, Col

September 28, 2155

…I have never seen such barbaric acts in my life but to witness the carnage that was left on Mars by the Zethorax, it’s unspeakable. I had received am emergency transmission from The Elite yesterday afternoon, but I was not expecting to discover the deaths of a colony.

Andros and I took the MS-64 together, while Ana transmitted coordinates and Intel from base camp. We traveled back to the Milky Way, where Earth had already been consumed by the Zethorax. We could see pieces of crust and bits of satellites floating around us. We also discovered the moon no longer exists. Only the bits and pieces of rock that are now a massive cluster. I couldn’t think of the billions that had died in the last decade to these beasts. I witnessed an extermination and now, the human race no longer has a home except space and Takua.

We continued to Mars, where we landed on the rim of the Balconian base. It was eerie without the bustling streets of citizens and soldiers. It seemed to be deserted at first, until we saw the streets filled with trails of blood from the doors of homes to the cave that rests at the end of the base. I looked up at the magnetic field above us to see multiple cracks in the surface, but we had not run into the Zethorax to really dwell on the stability of the force field.

We entered the cave, where the Balconian leaders and The Elite had council, while the community went about their own business during the days. I never thought blood could paint walls so red until I walked into the chamber. The Elite had been staked to the walls. The blood streamed from their bodies to the floor, but we could not fathom what was missing… They all had been decapitated and left for The Phantom Force to gather from each one of their seats at the round table. I gripped my assault rifle, feeling the anger boil beneath my skin… That’s when we were ambushed by the Zethorax and their infected allies, The Balconians.

The Balconians’ bodies had a shell wrapped around them to protect their innards. Every bullet that was placed on the surface of that shell ricochet and put my own life at risk, as well as, Andros’. We retreated for the ship, but the base had been overrun by the Zethorax. We could not simply run down the main street to the ship. Our only option was to kill all of them. Exterminate the abomination that has infested our last sanctuary in the Milky Way Galaxy.

I pulled my Artenial Ray from my back and slaughtered the community till not one Zethorax, or infected was left to even wiggle a thumb. I dropped the ray to my side and watched in horror at the bubbling blood on the ground. The heat of the ray had turned the flesh and bones of the creatures into a river of boiling blood and ashes. I fell to my knees, and Andros could only do the same. We stood to our feet and left Mars with the fear that Takua could face the same fate, if The Phantom Force could not stop this epidemic from spreading to other worlds.

We are now the only Elite that are left. Our choices will either grow our race or turn it to dust.

Murdoch Jones, Col

September 26, 2155

I had a dream about my wife last night. There’s a lot going on in the universe right now, and I’m being distracted by her every second of everyday. It was never like this these last four years. I’d have memories of her, but it has never led to this point. Ah, the dream was so real though. I had the opportunity to feel her skin, touch her lips, and run my fingers through her brunette hair. I could almost smell that floral perfume she wore on multiple occasions. Everything has been taken away from me, but I still remain strong.

I haven’t been this lonely since Jupiter when the Zethorax had just entered our galaxy. Their strength was overwhelming. I remember the first reports of Pluto being blasted to smithereens because they wanted the energy in its core. They continued on to colonize on Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn. The colonies we had built on all four of these planets consequently left in ruin. How ignorant of us to think we were the only strong being in the universe? Now, we’ve lost Earth in what still is an active war today.

I was a prisoner of war on Jupiter for two years. Those years would’ve been times I could have spent with my family. Even the ones that are still trapped on Earth today. The pain and punishment was unbearable for any human beings. I’m sure the other aliens that I have met on my travels would agree as well. Maybe not the Balconians though. Those guys are tough bastards to crack. I’m just thankful the Elite have grown to be allies with these beasts.

I have multiple scars on my back from whips dipped in scorching plasma being slapped against my raw skin. It was one of the not so pretty moments of my life, but I knew what others would endure if we didn’t hold them off on Jupiter. We failed though, and now, we are all scattered across the universe. We may not see each other ever again and by the slightest chance we do, I don’t think we would remember each other. We’ve disguised ourselves from each other in case we have been infected.

I was almost infected but for some reason I wanted to survive. My guess is so that I could write stupid little logs about my life during the first Galactic War… or to appease someone’s amusement.


Murdoch Jones, Col.

September 25, 2155

I’ve been asked to keep a digital journal as a safe guard in case I am imprisoned, or worse murdered. The Elite have been quiet these last few days, and I’m beginning to wonder if they have abandoned us. Sometimes I wonder if I will end up dying on this desolate planet. Especially, during the two years of darkness.

My men and I will be facing this period soon, and I’m not sure if we’re prepared for what lies ahead. Anastasia continuously wants to touch me and flirt with me, even though she knows the circumstances. The Elite has forbidden us from having any kind of sexual contact with each other. I will say it is tough, but I can’t stop wondering if my wife and child are watching me from above.

I remember joining the Phantom Force before Cynthia was born. My memories continue to torture me whenever I think of her. She had beautiful golden hair and radiant emerald eyes that could whisk away the darkest clouds in the sky. Her skin was porcelain and delicate to the touch. We had to give her iron supplements to keep her from bruising so easily. The last words that came from her lips before… well, it happened, was, “where are we going, daddy?”

…It’s extremely heartbreaking to suffer the death of a daughter. I almost wish I had put a bullet in my head that day, but I was unconscious, and those bastards couldn’t give me the courtesy of leaving at least a noose in my cell. Yes, I was the few that survived the wrath of the Zethorax, but I have sworn to avenge my daughter and wife…

I knew this was a bad idea. I don’t even understand why I’m logging my memories. To make things more crazy, I’m writing like this computer screen actually understands my feelings. Well, understand this to the ones that read it after my death, or my imprisonment. Fuck you!


Murdoch Jones, Col